How we plan to treat customers fairly

We are committed to treating all our customers fairly and in a manner consistent with the principles and ethos of the TCF initiative.

Our Aims:

  • To be open and honest in all our dealings with customers in such a way that they fully understand what we are offering
  • To deliver to customers what we have promised and what they are expecting
  • To only provide customers products and services that are suitable to their needs
  • To fix things if they go wrong
  • To not take advantage of customers.

We believe very strongly that we already treat our customers fairly. The FCA regulations formalise this regime and we are ready to implement any changes to our working plan and structure to ensure that consumers are not placed at risk.

Throughout our process we are constantly asking the customer what they are trying to achieve and to establish what monthly payment is manageable and affordable for them. It is a general discussion as opposed to us telling them what they can have. We are quite happy to suggest to a customer that they should try a Tesco home loan or talk to another bank or provider to see what they can offer and then come back to us if they wish. Our honest and personal approach often means that they make use of our services once they have made their comparisons.

Our figures allow us to make a fair commission on our average lend sizes.

We do not cajole or persuade clients to use Meridian Finance or any particular one of our lenders. We simply offer the consumer the best terms we can on the profiles they have chosen and then armed with their SECCI they can make an informed decision as to where to borrow the money.