With contract hire, you’re simply hiring a car for a set period of time. We will take into account what mileage you expect to cover, whether you want maintenance and servicing included and how long you’d like to keep the car. At the end of the agreement you’ll just hand the vehicle back to the finance company.

Example:contract hire

New Range Rover Evoque 2.2 ED4 5dr Manual
3 year term with 10,000 miles per year, full maintenance included.

Initial rental: £1,350 + VAT followed by 35 rentals of £450 + VAT

Why choose this finance agreement?

Choose Contract Hire if you want a new car every few years and don’t want the hassle of selling your car, or would like all the maintenance and servicing included in one monthly rental. It’s available to businesses and individuals, but please note that VAT is payable on the monthly rentals, which you can’t reclaim if you’re not VAT registered.

What can I finance on contract hire?

Contract hire is restricted to new cars and vans only.

Who owns the car?

The contract hire company own the vehicle and you are the ‘lessee’ of the car or van.

What’s covered in a contract hire agreement?

Road fund licences are included for the full term of the agreement. You’ll benefit from the standard warranty and breakdown cover that you would receive on any new car of course. A full maintenance agreement is very comprehensive and covers the cost of all maintenance and servicing, including replacements tyres when they’re worn out, batteries, exhausts and anything else needed on the car.

 What’s not included?

You’ll need to pay for your own comprehensive insurance. Replacement windscreens are also not covered under the maintenance contract – these are usually covered under your insurance policy, check with your provider. And of course, you’ll need to pay for your own fuel!

I want to change cars, but I haven’t finished my agreement yet..

You can change vehicles early under a contract hire agreement, but it’s not the cheapest option – your settlement figure is usually around 50% of the remaining rentals, just to hand the vehicle back to them.

I’m at the end of my contract, what are my options?

Typically, you’ll just hand the vehicle back to the finance company and start something else. However, some of the companies will allow you to extend your current contract for a further term if you want, and some will provide purchase prices if you would like to buy the car.

I’m covering more mileage than I anticipated.

No problem – the contract hire companies are very flexible and can adjust your annual mileage during the agreement so you won’t end up with a bill for excess mileage. Conversely, if you find you’re covering less mileage than anticipated, we can lower your monthly payments so you’ll benefit from a lower monthly rental.

I need to return the vehicle but its’ condition isn’t perfect. What happens?

This happens very often with vehicles returned to the contract hire companies and all are very fair when it comes to end of contract damage. They’ll assess the damage and raise a bill for the cost or repair. So you have a couple of choices – you can arrange for any damage to be repaired with your local repair centre before it’s returned, or you can return the car in its’ damaged state and pay the bill when it arrives.