At Meridian Finance we offer a number of different solutions, depending on your needs.

Car finance

Available for new, nearly new or pre-loved cars, our car finance solutions are built around your financial needs. Traditional finance plans to help you enjoy ownership of that dream vehicle.
White BMW M3

Car Leasing

Don't want the hassle of actually owing your car? Like the idea of handing the keys back when you're done? Not interested in paying for servicing, tax or those other annoying little things that come with ownership? Then leasing might just be for you!
Silver Aston Martin

Classic car finance

Modern cars leave you cold? Prefer the days when you had to double de-clutch, or believe that the last time Ferrari made a proper sports car was the 1960s? Our classic car finance solutions specialize in vehicles from 1900 to the modern classic, so that leaves you with plenty of choice.
Red Van

Commercial vehicle finance

Your business doesn’t stand still, and neither to your transport needs. From the smallest delivery van to the largest articulated lorry, we can help your business keep moving.

Marine finance

We're able to provide a range of finance solutions including marine mortgages and hire purchase agreements for terms from 5 to 15 years. Private finance and commercial vessels can also be funded. Fancy cruising the Med. or want something to park in Monte Carlo for the Grand Prix? Then we have a solution for you.